Spacing Rehearsal and Photo Day Schedule

Brighton Dance Academy will hold a Concert Spacing Rehearsal and Photo Day on:

Sunday 12th November 2017.

How the day runs:

Students will arrive according to their age bracket and will either start with their photo shoot or rehearsal on stage and then swap to the other.

For the photo shoot:

Students will dress in their costume with accompanying hair, tights, shoes etc. Each child will have approximately 3 individual photos taken in that costume and then approximately 2 group shots will be taken of the class. If students are in more than one dance, they will then change into the costume for their next dance and the process repeats until all dances in the age bracket have been completed.

For the rehearsal:

Each group will have time with their teacher to space out their dance on the stage and run it with music. As the rehearsal will be run in age brackets, students in more than one dance will be rehearsing items one after the other. Because of this, we recommend students rehearse in dance wear and not costumes as there won’t be time to change. If your child is only in one item then they may rehearse in their costume.

For further information please view the Spacing Rehearsal and Photo Day Schedule   here.

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