Online Class Timetable

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic BDA has been forced to shut its studio doors. However, BDA is now delivering a wide range of dance classes online! Sign up for Term 4 on the parent portal.

Term 4 will be live classes covering a variety of dance styles and run from 5th October – 13th December with a mid-term break: 9th November – 15th November.

View Term 4 Information. You can enrol in classes, pay your bill, and find the zoom access links all on the parent portal.

Once enrolled in a Term 4 class, the enrolment will stand until the end of the year. Although we have a mid-term break, there will be no need to reenrol for the second part of the term. To enrol in a Term 4 class, please log onto the parent portal and click ‘find classes’.

To make the most of your online classes, please review our zoom tips & tricks and zoom checklist:

Zoom Tips and Tricks

Zoom Checklist

More information on our online classes is available here:

Online Class Fees

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