At Brighton Dance Academy we are proud to be able to offer all our students the opportunity to use Movitae, a safe and secure file-sharing platform.

Movitae allows teachers to film students and share it on a platform that only members of the BDA community can see. Students are able to let teachers know when they have practiced the video through the ‘done’ button as well as being able to post comments and ask teachers questions. Parents or guardians will set up the accounts and will be in control of their child’s Movitae account.

When it comes to exam time and concert time Moviate is an invaluable tool for the children to be able to practice at home, allowing them to practice with the music and reference the video if they need help. Teachers may also post videos over the holiday of strengthening and conditioning exercises for the students to do over holidays.

Setting up your Movitae account

When setting up your Movitae account you first must create an account through the web page. You will need the Brighton Dance Academy sign up code to access the BDA platform. Enrolled students may email the office for this code or ask their teacher. Once you have set up your account you can download the free app and log in. Allow push notifications on your app to ensure you never miss a video!

You can create an account by following this link