Vocational Ballet

Brighton Dance Academy is passionate about ballet and all students have the opportunity to study the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Syllabus.

Our senior ballet classes commence at Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate Ballet and progress onto  the complex, challenging and exciting Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2.

Advanced dance students learn from leading instructors, these passionate dance teachers ensure students attending advanced ballet classes are ready for the challenges that come with such a high level of demand on the body.

Brighton Dance Academy has a strong  track record of students progressing from pre-professional to professional ballet and going on to study at the likes of the Australian Ballet School, Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School and the Melbourne City Youth Ballet. As one of the leading pre-professional ballet schools in Melbourne, BDA is the ideal path for committed dancers who want to develop their skills further and make a career out of dance.


We couldn’t have got through Covid lockdown as successfully as we did without BDA so thank you!!!

-Liz Plenderleith