Extension Classes

Brighton Dance Academy encourages all students to extend themselves and continually improve in their regular RAD classes. Students who excel in these classes are invited to participate in dance extension classes. We offer the following levels of extension:

Intermediate (grades 3-5)

  • To consolidate and extend the technique, musicality and performance of our intermediate dancers
  • This class is help once a fortnight

Senior (grade 6 to vocational levels) 

  • To provide a pre-professional training environment for students considering a career in dance.
  • This class is held once a fortnight.


Student entry to the extension class is at the discretion of the teacher. Students must consistently demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Dedication and motivation in class. Students must demonstrate a will and commitment to take their ballet training to a higher level.
  • Excellent results in RAD examinations.
  • Very good physical skills and facility for ballet.
  • Musicality: physical and emotional response to music
  • Ability to learn choreography quickly, take and retain corrections.

Selection for the extension class does not guarantee entry the next year. This means that students must maintain their commitment to the class and continue to satisfy the selection criteria.


Participation in the extension class is a privilege. To reflect this, we ask for a commitment of no less than 90% attendance to regular and extension classes.

A note on payment

Extension classes at Brighton Dance Academy are free of charge. We believe that this opportunity should not be restricted to those who can pay extra fees and we are pleased to be able to develop our students in this way.

All questions about extension classes should be directed to the office.