Contemporary Classes

Contemporary dancing is an artistic, creative and expressive combination of ballet technique, floor work, agility, story telling and physical theatre.

Brighton Dance Academy offers contemporary dance classes to students in school grade 2 and above. Contemporary dance for beginners is taught by introducing basic contemporary technique and embracing creative thinking to create movement. Contemporary dance is also known as modern dance in America.

Our contemporary dance courses provide:

  • Contemporary dance for children 7 years old and above
  • Contemporary dance training for teenagers
  • Modern dance for beginners of all ages (7+)
  • Advanced contemporary dance classes for students with a technique and ability
  • Opportunities to progress into contemporary dancing competition troupes and solos

To book a contemporary dance class trial please contact the Brighton Dance Academy office.


You are all so wonderfully supportive and engaging at BDA and we are very grateful to have found somewhere to explore our passion for dance.

-Kym Yates