Musical Theatre Classes

Musical Theatre now has a new syllabus including musical studies whereby students will study a particular musical for a month at a time. Students will train their acting, singing and dancing skills by learning the scripts, songs and dances from the specific musical study. Musical Theatre classes at BDA prepare students for the theatre/dance industry by including audition preparation into their classes.

“Liam has attended Musical Theatre classes at BDA for the last three years. The classes are great fun, always different and have taught him to love the theatre and to be able to confidently act, sing and express himself in a variety of roles in front of an audience. 

When he started as a shy 7 year old, we had no idea that it would be a catalyst for him auditioning and being selected for a role in the professional musical Kinky Boots, a role that he loves and simply can’t get enough of.

We can’t recommend classes highly enough for anyone that wishes to learn to sing, act and dance, and to experience the pure joy of performing on stage.  You never know where the classes may lead!” – Bruce Keen, father of Liam Keen

As one of Melbourne’s prominent musical theatre schools, private vocal lessons are also available upon request.

Please contact the Brighton Dance Academy office for more information and to book a trial Musical Theatre class.