Private Vocal Coaching

Brighton Dance Academy is delighted to be able to offer private vocal coaching with our singing instructor Kiria. Private lessons are $35 for 30 minutes, $52.50 for 45 minutes or $70 for 60 minutes. Once booked into a time slot, the full term of lesson fees will be added to your account. You can pay this off over the course of the term or all at once. Please note all students must register with the school to do private vocal lessons.

Please email the office to find out available lesson times. Below is Miss Kiria’s ethos and lesson structure.

I believe that knowing one’s own voice is such a valuable tool for every aspect of life, from speaking and communicating, as well as singing and music. Having the confidence to sing loud and proud can be challenging and highly confronting, especially for those who are a bit on the introverted side. That is why I hope to provide a safe space so that my students can feel comfortable to sing, have fun (in a focused way), make mistakes and ultimately find their singing voice, as well as their loud and powerful voice.

The way I structure the lessons with my students is that I start by doing a few vocal exercises, both as fun warm-ups and also to guide them in controlling their voice. I prepare these exercises with the individual student in mind so that the exercises are aimed at their level, and so that we can target specific technical difficulties that the student may be facing. After a few of these exercises, when the voice is warm, we will work on either one or two songs that the student would like to work on and look at specific things within the song that is challenging. After a few lessons of looking at the song, when the student seems to be confident with it, we will start looking at a new song. Over time the student will build a repetoire of songs that they feel confident in singing.

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