Conditioning Classes

Dance strength and conditioning is imperative to today’s dancers. Melbourne’s Brighton Dance Academy offers a range of dance conditioning classes to improve strength and flexibility.  Ballet conditioning and dance strength training provide students with a safe environment to improve their personal capacity and flexibility while being supervised by highly trained professionals. To develop strength and conditioning for dancers our instructors use a combination of pilates, personal training and progressive ballet technique.

Our dance conditioning classes provide:

  • Stretch, strength and conditioning for dancers
  • Pointe-specific conditioning classes
  • Pre-pointe ballet conditioning classes
  • Strength and flexibility exercises
  • Dance-specific strength training
  • Safe dance flexibility exercises
  • Foot, leg and core strengthening exercises
  • Ballet conditioning classes
  • Extension for dancers wanting more out of their weekly classes
  • Highly trained Melbourne professional teachers

To find out more about Brighton Dance Academy’s conditioning classes please contact the office.


Firstly, thank you very much for a fantastic year in BDA. With you it was so much easier. You are true taking care of each and every child and their parents. I really appreciate your help and support throughout the year.

-Alexandra Starkova