Adult Ballet Classes

Whether you have always dreamed of doing ballet classes but have not had the opportunity, wish to reignite a childhood passion, or you are progressing your ballet further, Brighton Dance Academy has a class for you. We offer adult ballet classes to suit all experience levels from beginner to advanced, with a fun, friendly atmosphere.

Not only is ballet a great all body workout, it also builds skills such as balance, artistry and musicality. Adult Ballet classes at BDA are designed with a love of music and movement in mind ensuring there is opportunity in every class for students to move and perform to classical music. Safe dance practice is important to BDA with all adult classes designed to have adaptations so all students can dance safely.

Beginner Adult Ballet classes are offered for those who have never done ballet before or for those who wish to go back to the fundamentals of ballet technique.

BDA also offers an Intermediate Adult Ballet class for those with previous dance experience who wish to continue their dance journey in a fun and supportive environment.

If you are an experienced dancer and wish to look at participating in RAD classes, please contact the office to discuss options we can offer.