Acrobatics Classes

Brighton Dance Academy’s Acrobatics classes are dynamic and high energy, incorporating tumbling skills.

Acrobatics training builds balance, strength, flexibility and agility which are imperative skills for today’s dancer. At Brighton Dance Academy we offer many levels of acrobatics and are a highly sort after training centre for Acrobatics in Melbourne. Students skill levels are assessed to determine which acrobatics classes are most suitable.

Brighton Dance Academy provides:

  • Highly trained and accredited acro teachers
  • Acro classes for dancers
  • Kids acrobatics
  • Beginner acrobatics classes
  • Intermediate Acrobatics classes
  • Advanced acrobatics for highly skilled acrobats
  • Classes suitable for all school aged children and teenagers

Brighton Dance Academy also offers the following specialty acro programs:


Contortion classes will push the limits and allow for an in depth understanding of how to execute contortion poses in proper alignment. This class utilises contortion techniques, stretches, and poses as well as dance, gymnastics and acrobatic movements with constant motion, arm balances, inversions, breath work, and awareness. Contortion class will focus on extending students’ flexibility and stamina to hold through poses and multiple movements with fluidity.

Students wanting to learn acrobatics and contortion can find out more about our program by contacting the Brighton Dance Academy office.


I really want to congratulate all of the teachers who really go above and beyond to ‘show up’ for the kids. Always so enthusiastic and encouraging. Exactly the kind of role models I want my daughter to be around.

I know I’ve said it before, but the way BDA has pivoted to support their dance community is next level. I have no doubt you have provided so many students with a critically important connection during these [COVID] times. It has not gone un-noticed!

-Kym Arthur