Adult Dance Conditioning

Brighton Dance Academy offers two different kinds of dance conditioning for adults. Dance conditioning is old news in the dance world, but is up and coming in the regular world. It seems most gyms now offer some form of dance conditioning class. Why not take these classes at a dance school that has been teaching them for years with teachers trained in dance, pilates and yoga?

Better yet, while you are exercising, you child will be looked after in the room right next door! Yes, babysitting is offered for adults participating in Adult Dance Conditioning at Brighton Dance Academy.

View our Studio Timetable here.

The first Dance Conditioning class we offer is a combination of Ballet Barre and Yoga. In this 1 hour class, you will stretch and strengthen in new and exciting ways. This class is great for people wanting to tone their entire body but not bulk up too much. Core strength will be targeted along with balance and coordination.

Pilates & Fitball

The second Dance Conditioning class we offer is Pilates and Fitball. This class will incorporate both mat-based pilates and fitball exercises. Pilates in general both strengthens and stretches your muscles. Pilates teaches you to isolate and activate specific muscle groups, creating highly attuned body awareness and the ability to use your body in a more functional and proficient manner.

Please contact Brighton Dance Academy to further discuss adult dance conditioning and our babysitting service.