RAD Ballet Exam Schedule: Thursday 6th September

September 6, 2018

08:30 - 15:05

104 Bay Street Brighton

- not specified -


Grade Group Arrival Time Pick Up Time
Grade 5 Izzy, Sofia and Chloe 8.30am 10.15am
Grade 3 Olivia, Sofia, Grier, Poppy 9.15am 11.00am
Grade 3 Ruby, Isabella 10.15am 11.35am
Primary Beatrice, Arabella and Olivia 10.35am 11.55am
Grade 5 Theo 10.55am 12.20pm
Grade 6 Yuzuki, Indi, Sonja and Lexi 12.20pm 2.15pm
Grade 7 Courtney, Arabella and Millie 1.15pm 3.05pm


SFD Jazz Examiner In Class Saturday 28th July

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