Spacing Rehearsal – Sunday 25th November

November 25, 2018

08:45 - 17:20

CCA Hall at Firbank (enter via Middle Crescent - gate 7)


COMPULSORY EVENT – Sunday 25th November

CCA Hall at Firbank (entrance via Middle Crescent – gate 7)

During this rehearsal, dances will be spaced out in an area the size of the stage. Students will also have a chance to practise entrances & exits. This is a very important rehearsal to ensure students are standing in the correct place on stage to ensure everyone can be seen. During this rehearsal, we have the opportunity to stop & adjust, whereas during the Dress Rehearsal we run straight through with no stops.

Students may wear any dance/active wear to this rehearsal as long as they are wearing their correct dance shoes. Hair can be styled as it is for class. Makeup is not required at this rehearsal.

All students must be signed in & out with a parent/guardian at the entrance to the CCA Hall at the times outlined in the attached schedule. Only pre-arranged adult volunteers will be allowed into the venue with performers.

View the Spacing Rehearsal Schedule

BDA Photo Day 1 - Friday 30th November 2018

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